Things To Consider When Getting A New Bathroom Fitted

If your bathroom is starting to look a little dated or it just doesn’t cater to all of your practical requirements anymore, then it might be time for an upgrade. There are so many options available when it comes to the design, fittings, and materials for a bathroom installation, that the whole process of arranging one can be a little overwhelming and even confusing.

So, we thought we would set out just a few of the things you should be thinking about when getting a new bathroom fitted at your property – and we’ve chosen to start from the very beginning of the process.

Planning your bathroom

Careful planning is essential for the design and fitting of any room, but the bathroom can be especially tricky in this regard. There are pipes, drains and other fixings that will need to be taken into consideration before you start to place things into position.

If you want to move the toilet or bath, you will need to redirect the water and drains, which could take time and money to achieve. If you are going to call in bathroom fitting experts in Essex or wherever you live, then they can help you with the planning process.

What are your bathroom needs?

At the most basic level, your bathroom will be somewhere to wash – so a toilet and basin will obviously be crucial. Beyond that, though, there are other more specific preferences and needs that you might have, which will influence both major aspects and smaller details of your new bathroom.

If, for instance, you are looking to have a genuinely comfortable haven away from the busy world, then you should choose colours and fixtures that give that feeling to you. You may have always wanted a free-standing bath or a fountain tap. These are just a few of the ideas that you might choose to incorporate into your bathroom design.

Storage is another must-have for many people. However, you should think about how much storage you will need in your bathroom, and the best places to have it.

Install some window coverings, plantation shutters anyone?

There are no doubt shutters will add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom renovation. To top it off, you’ll be able to find water resistant PVC Plantation shutters, suitable for wet areas.

Measuring your space

It is a good idea to create a scale drawing of your bathroom as it presently is, and measure the fittings such as the bath, toilet, and sink. Cut out these fittings from the drawing, so that you can move them around and find the ideal location for them.

When you are arranging the fittings, be sure to take into account windows, doors and other things that might get in the way. Once you have found a home for all of the fittings, you can start to arrange locations for all the shelving or storage space. There are some apps now that will allow you to do this virtually, such as Roomstyler or Homestyler, although if you favour just good old-fashioned pen-and-paper, that’s fine, too.

If you find that your existing bedroom layout is good for your needs and preferences, then our advice is that you don’t change it just for the sake of it. This can get expensive, and you might not like it as much when it’s done.

Alternatively, if you want to change the layout, see if you can do this as easily as possible without the need for major plumbing work. This will cost you less and be quicker to achieve.

Try to think ahead

When you are planning your new bathroom, try to think ahead to the future and what your needs may be in a few months’ time, or even many years’ time.

You might think that you don’t need a shower now, but you might need it if you become less mobile in the future. And if you have children in the house right now, what will your needs be when they likely leave home?

Find your inspiration

If you want a change but aren’t sure what that change might look like, then you need some inspiration. Thankfully, there are many magazines and websites that offer a glimpse of other people’s bathrooms.

While you might not want to copy them directly, there may be some elements of other people’s bathrooms that appeal to you and that you can incorporate into your design.  If you have friends and family with a similar size bathroom, you could even ask to take a look at theirs and see what they did. You may find an aspect that you hadn’t thought about before.

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to seek help from expert bathroom fitters to see if they have any ideas. This will be especially important if you are planning to move the fixtures around.

Choosing your lighting

Lighting is an important part of your bathroom. You will want your bathroom to be well illuminated, but also not so bright that it blinds you on a trip to the toilet at the night.

You might therefore consider levels of lighting so that one switch turns on low-level lights, and the other switch turns on the main lights. This could give you the best of both worlds, plus you can relax in the bath with the low lights on for a cosy soak. Because bathrooms have specific requirements regarding electrics, it is best to seek the help of an electrician to guide you.

Get in touch with the bathroom fitting experts today

Although there will naturally be some excitement about redesigning your bathroom, you need to consider all of the different aspects before you settle on a final plan. Remember to seek advice on areas of your bathroom that you are unsure about – and even on those areas that you might think you are already sure about.

Has the above got you inspired about the possibilities for your own new bathroom?


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