Storage Tips For A New Home

Moving into a new home means that, for a while, you will be living among boxes. It is a perfect moment to arrange belongings in such a way that you end up with a lot of free space. So even if you might be exhausted from relocation, by following some storage tips for your new home, you can live in a clutter-free space.

However, if you moved from a bigger house into an apartment or a smaller home or have a tremendous amount of stuff, it might be a problem, especially if you do not have enough storage space for everything. But do not worry; with these storage tips, you will avoid living in a cramped home. The key is arranging your items to be easily accessible and not take up much-needed space.

Storage tips for your new kitchen in your new home

If you love to cook, then the kitchen is the first space that you need to declutter. There is nothing worse than having a messy kitchen because it is impossible to find anything. And any seasoned cook knows time is of the essence when cooking. So if you cannot locate a spatula at the most crucial moment, it will all go up in flames.

However, besides implementing quick kitchen ideas for your cluttered home, you will also need clever ways to store items. You can be tidy and keep it clean, but your pantries need other solutions if you keep your stocks in bags. Thus, invest in plastic containers and glass jars. They are perfect for storing food, and they keep it fresh and safe from spoiling for a long time.

Secondly, keep the same shaped items together, like, for example, pots and pans. Likewise, arrange their covers in order and upward position. Use hooks to hang cups on a wall and a magnetic railing for knives. But make sure you position everything in the places you will use the most. Thus knives go close to the chopping space and glasses close to the sink.

Bathroom storage tips

It is impossible to keep the bathroom clutter-free with all the towels, cleaning, and beauty products. But mess will prevent you from keeping it clean, which is essential, especially if you have children. However, if you have a small bathroom and not enough space for cupboards in your household, you will have a problem organizing your home after a move.

Therefore, you need to start thinking vertically by using your walls for storage. Buy enough hooks that you can fix onto your wall at different heights. They are perfect for hanging towels and bathrobes. Use the space above the bathroom doors and install and decorate shelves for towels. Simple baskets of various sizes are perfect for hair drier and make-up.

However, if you have a problem with humidity and your towels are not drying quickly enough, try the storage ladder. It is perfect for hanging them to dry, and you can tie baskets onto them. Cleaning products can go under the sink; however, if you have children, you should keep them high out of their reach.

Make the space cozy with a personal touch

It will take some time after the move for the new place to feel like home and for you to add some personal touch. And if the previous owners had a different taste than you, you might not like how it looks. So use the time while your stuff is still in the boxes to decorate and make the place comfortable.

Firstly, change the color of the walls into something that is more you. But, if your home is on the smaller side, avoid dark colors as it will make it look tiny. Also, use lights for an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. You can assign different colors for each room, like, for example, softer ones for the bedroom and bright ones for the living room area.

Hang paintings, artwork, and mirrors on the walls, and do not be afraid to experiment and mix them around until you find the right balance. Not only will this make the walls look beautiful, but it is also a creative way to hide any wall damage. It is a perfect moment to let your imagination fly and try new things you would never even think of before.

Children’s rooms

There is always a right age for your children to have their own room. Nobody can make a mess like kids playing, and with so many toys, it can be dangerous for them because they can easily trip on something and fall. One way to avoid injuries is by keeping it tidy. Yet you need to plan carefully before you start making storage spaces because you cannot put them too high. Everything needs to be within the kids’ reaching distance.

Crates and boxes are a perfect solution for toys. You can put everything inside, turn them on the sides and use them as shelves of different sizes. Without clutter, you can effortlessly keep your carpets clean, so your kids can play on the floor.

Use wall hooks for hanging clothes. The shelves on the walls are perfect for putting away different items, like books and toys. And one of the storage tips that people often neglect is that you have ample free space under the bed you can use for pillows and bedding.

Simple tricks for storing personal documents

Papers, in general, take up a lot of space and are perfect for collecting dust if you leave them lying around. A documents file is the right solution for them as you can keep the paper safe from wrinkling, and you can quickly grab whatever you need.

Likewise, in a photo album, they will remain intact for a long time. Ensure you put all the bank statements, birth certificates, insurance, passports, and wills inside. Though, if you wish to avoid paper altogether, the best thing you can do is put them on a hard drive or a USB. That way, you never have to worry if you will lose anything, and everything will be in one spot.

Declutter your home

storage tips

If you have a lot of stuff, you will have a problem finding space for all of them. Therefore, avoid the headache of trying to do the impossible by decluttering. As soon as you start unpacking, start getting rid of too old things that you do not use anymore. It might be challenging, especially as most of the items we own also have an emotional value, but think about all the free space you will get.

The kitchen has the most things we rarely use, so start from there. You will quickly identify those objects because they look brand new even though you have had them for a long time. Pack everything into boxes so you can easily carry them.

Instead of throwing them away, you can donate them to a local shelter or a charity organization. Also, if you wish to get some money for them, so it is not a complete waste, organize a yard sale. Invite your friends and family and spend a fun day selling everything.

When it comes to storage tips sky is the limit

Before you start unpacking the boxes, take some time to go through your home and imagine where you could put everything. Do not limit yourself to these storage tips because every home is different. You will notice you have nooks and crannies that, with a few adjustments, will become perfect for storing items.

However, if you wish to save money, avoid stores and use what you already have. You can repurpose old furniture pieces and use them for storage. Also, use this work to enjoy some quality time with the entire family. Ask the kids to help you decorate and paint the shelves in their rooms.

Let your imagination run wild and have fun creating new solutions.


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