Helpful DIY Drain-Cleaning Ideas Before Calling Up A Plumber

To keep the kitchen and the bathroom sinks and the drainage system free from dirt, dust, and clogs, you can go for hiring trained and professional plumbers who can work with high-pressure jet cleaning to clean and disinfect your drains. They should be equipped with all safety measures, and they should give you a warranty on the work done. You also need to check the tools and instruments with which they conduct the plumbing work.

Well, it’s not necessary that the plumber will arrive on just one call, sometimes you must wait for long. It does not always happen that you go for hiring the best plumbers for all your plumbing issues. You can use the DIY methods to check the overall plumbing situation and use some of the most effective methods to clean and disinfect drains and sewer pipes.

Small kitchen tips and household measures can allow you to properly maintain your drains, pipes, and kitchen sinks. You can always call the plumbers to take care of the situation, but it is better to use the DIY methods first.

DIY drain cleaning ideas

You can check out the options given below to know more about the DIY techniques that can be of help to you:

Use a mix of baking soda and salt

If you have a salt and baking soda combination in your kitchen, then nothing like that. You can use 1/4 cup salt and baking soda mixture to clean the kitchen sink, and the bathroom drains. Just pour these into the drain, and then add bubbling warm water that will make a gurgling sound as it goes down the pipe. In the process, the pipeline and the entire drainage system will be cleared of dirt, dust, or any other forms of sedimentation. Along with that, if there isa foul smell coming out of the drain, the baking soda-salt combination will also help.

Cream of tartar

You can try out the DIY methods that do not cost much and are readily available. There is something called cream of Tartar drain fix that is available in the market. You can use that to cleanse your drain of unnecessary elements. You can take two cups of baking soda and then use 1/8th cup of cream of Tartar to enhance the drain-cleaning procedure. It is one of the methods by which you can clean the drains and the sinks from soap scums. It is ideal for steel or aluminum sinks.

Hot water

Well, this is the simplest way to clean the clogged drain. All you need to do is to pour hot, boiling water into the drain. It will clear up the debris, thus removing the blockage. However, this step is not advisable if the drainpipes are not heat-resistant; this step is not recommended. Additionally, you can use a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Allow the mixture to work on the blockage and further add hot water to clear up the drain. 

Concluding thoughts

These are the easy ways to clean the drain. Also, you must dump the leftover food into the sink. It is the primary cause of blockage in the kitchen.

There can be times that the above-mentioned methods don’t give you the right result. Well, the best answer would be to call up a plumber. They have the right expertise and tools to help you get rid of a blocked drain. Make sure that you hire only professional and qualified plumbers. A licence and experience is a must. Do not ignore plumbing issues, no matter how minuscule they appear. Follow the DIYs and if that doesn’t help, call up a plumber. 


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