What Domestic Security Options Should You Consider For Your Home?

Securing your home against the risk of criminal activity is one of the first things you should prioritize when you move into a new property. There are many products on the market that will help you add security to your residential property, but which ones are the best to use? Below, we’ve set out the domestic security options you should be considering for your home.

Burglar alarms

These are arguably the most common form of home security and have been for many years. Sensors in burglar alarms will monitor your doors and windows, and you can even have motion sensors in the rooms.

Companies like First Ford Ltd offer fantastic burglar alarm installation and will help you choose the right set-up for your needs. Because burglar alarms can be configured so easily, they are often the first choice that people want when considering home security.

Video doorbells

Video doorbells have become hugely popular in recent years. Not only do they help with deliveries and callers when you are out, but they also offer security from unwanted visitors. Whatever type of video doorbell you choose, you should ensure it has a clear view of the doorway and the area surrounding the door.

Some of these products require a subscription so that you can save footage taken from the camera. This can be helpful if there is an incident because you can then provide it to the authorities.

Exterior lighting

Criminals don’t like to be seen, so if you have exterior lighting in place, it can be a major deterrent for those who might have otherwise attempted to get into your home.  

The most common type used is the motion-sensitive exterior light that turns on when it detects any type of movement. To get the best results, you should place the lights carefully in areas where you have an entrance or exit to the property. Not only will this deter criminals, but it will also help any exterior cameras pick up anyone who is there.

Modern exterior lights now use LEDs, which are brighter and last longer. Remember, however, to always check that the light isn’t getting covered by branches or leaves.

Exterior cameras

Just as with exterior lighting, cameras can act as a deterrent for criminals. They can also be useful to police as a provider of evidence and can help with any insurance claims that you might make as a result of an incident. Cameras should be placed in areas where you have entrances as well as any windows. They should not point to any areas that are not your property, such as another person’s garden.

Today’s exterior cameras can often be connected wirelessly to the user’s home Internet, and the footage produced can be monitored on the user’s mobile device from anywhere in the world. This provides peace of mind, as well as the ability to see potential problems before they happen. Although many exterior cameras use infrared at night, adding exterior lights will also help identification.

Smart automation

You might have seen TV shows or YouTube videos about home security, that suggest leaving lights on when you aren’t at home can deter criminals. Although this can be a good idea, criminals can quickly learn patterns and know that they are left on.

To help provide more of a deterrent, you can buy smart lights or plugs that can be turned on or off remotely. These will also turn on in the event of something triggering them, such as a motion sensor.

There are also other smart products that can potentially help, including motorized curtain poles and smart radios. These can be set to close the curtains or play music at certain times or when you tell them to, through the app on your mobile device.

Protect your garage

Although many people take sensible steps to secure their homes, many forget about the garage as a potential route to get into a property. Garage doors often have locks, but these can be weak and ineffective if someone is determined to get in.

So, be sure to check the locks on your own garage door, and ensure that the door from the garage to your house is secure. Some people also forget to lock them, which is becoming well-known to criminals.

If you have exterior cameras, then having one pointing at the garage can act as a good deterrent. You can fit an electronic lock to your garage door to offer increased protection. Remember to keep this code secret from anyone who isn’t part of the household.


Securing your home should be a high priority for your household as you seek to ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe, and your property is suitably protected. With so many home security products available on the market, you might appreciate a bit more advice and guidance on the right solutions for you.


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