Why You Should Invest In Modern Space-Saving Furniture

Whether you live in a spacious home or a quaint apartment you have undoubtedly become bombarded by clutter at some point.  Everything from bills to toys to work essentials takes up space and over time becomes clutter. Recently, a shift toward modern minimalistic design with clean uncluttered space has become popular among homeowners. 

Home buyers are also very impressed by this style and according to most top real estate agents are more likely to purchase a home that is spacious and decluttered.

Reasons to invest in modern space-saving furniture

In order to achieve an open clutter-free home you will need to invest in a different style of furniture.  Modern space-saving furniture is furniture that uses less space, is transformable, and is designed to accommodate smaller living spaces. 

Space-saving furniture doesn’t need to be bulky or out-of-date.  There are quite a few varieties of space-saving furniture that will not only clear your home of clutter it will add a modern feel to your living space.

Opt for a storage bed

Storage beds come in many different styles and provide tons of additional storage space.  The first type of storage bed comes with pull-out storage doors built into the foundation. Another type of storage bed is a loft bed.  Simply pulling a handle will lift up the mattress, opening up the entire area under the mattress for extra storage. 

Consider a convertible bed

A murphy bed, sometimes called a wall bed, allows you to completely put away your bed when you aren’t using it.  Simply push it up into its built-in spot on the wall for additional space.

Bunk beds or loft beds

If your home includes children, you may be searching for storage and extra space wherever you can find it.  One way to free up floor space is with bunk beds.  Go vertical and for an added bonus find a storage bunk bed complete with cabinets under the bottom bunk. You can also opt for loft beds.  A loft bed opens up space under the bed for a dresser, desk, or a simple play area. 

Nest tables

Your living room can get crowded quickly. Nest tables make it possible for you to stack your side tables or coffee tables and in the process free up extra space. They are lightweight and easy to stack and unstack.

Pop-up coffee table

Coffee tables can take up a large amount of space in your living room. This may take away from the open feeling of your home and be the reason your home is not selling as quickly as you would like.  Utilize a pop-up coffee table that doubles as a desk and storage space.

Storage Ottoman

Ottomans have been in style for quite a while.  But more recently ottomans that provide storage have become essential for homeowners.  Storage ottomans have removable lids and an open inner area where anything from blankets to TV remotes can be stored.  Storage ottomans also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors.

Space-saving kitchen tables

An expandable kitchen table can be unassembled and shrunk down to almost a quarter of its size when it is not in use. These types of tables are perfect for anyone that

You can also invest in a drop-leaf table. While a drop leaf table won’t shrink to the size of an expandable table it will become smaller when not in use which will free up plenty of extra space in the kitchen. 


Adding a piece of modern space-saving furniture to your home will give you more storage and reduce clutter.  In addition, modern space-saving furniture will add visual interest and unique style to your home.  


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