How To Make A Secret Room In Your House?

Having a secret room in a home brings us all to our childhood. Most people have always dreamed of having one for various reasons. For kids, it can be a great place to play hide-and-seek, while for adults, it can be additional storage space or a simple – hidden room. You can build it in many ways in your home, depending on your budget and available space.

Ways to make a secret room in your house

As a result, here are a few things and ideas you should consider before you make a secret room in your house.

Think of the purpose of your secret room

Before you start building, consider what you’ll need this room for. It can be located inside your house or be an additional room in your garage. Since there are many creative ways to hide an entrance to this room, you should consider what you’ll use it for.

For example, it could be an additional storage space for your clothes and valuables. Or, if you have enough space, you can use it as a playroom for kids, make your library, or a man cave. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • A playroom for children – this might be the easiest option, especially if you have kids. You can divide a shared kids’ room and make one half a playroom. If you are uninspired, your kids will think of how to use the secret room!
  • Game room – who says that kids are the only ones who need to play? If you have enough space to entertain people in your secret space, you can turn your secret room into a haven for gaming. Add a pool or a poker table, build a small bar, and let your guests enjoy the new secret space.
  • Library – if you are a fan of books and love reading in a quiet space, this could be an excellent idea for you.
  • Wine cellar – do you love entertaining people and tasting wine? If you do, create a room for your unique wine collection. Guest won’t see it so you can surprise them!
  • Additional storage space – If you don’t want a specific purpose for your secret room, you can make it just for storage. Most households have too many belongings and not enough space for them. A secret room in your house could be an excellent solution for all those off-season items you don’t want to keep in your closet.

Make a layout plan

Once you consider some ideas and decide what you want your secret room to be, you should have a vision for it. How much space will you have? Do you have enough money to fulfill your dream? Will all family members be using it, and what tools will you need to create it?Also, you should consider the best location to build the secret room in your home. Once you do that, you can start making a layout.

So, the most important thing would be to calculate the space for storage in this room. Most likely, keep some items inside – a wine collection, children’s toys, or extra clothes. To create a layout, you should decide on the correct location in your home for this project and see how much space you’re dealing with.

For example, if you are making it in the attic, some corners might not be accessible, while others would be perfect for creating a hidden room. Remember that there are many ways to make a secret room in your house, and the costs of this project will vary.

Plan your budget

Speaking of the budget, you can manage this project for as low as $800 or spend up to $50.000 on it. Depending on your willingness to invest, you can start working on a DIY project or hire professionals to handle it. Here’s what you should think of before you begin building a secret room in your home:

  • Where do you want (or need) this room? Some parts of your home could be more challenging to remodel, depending on the materials you’re working with. Therefore, the costs of this project will vary accordingly.
  • What will you use this room for? If you want it to be your secret room where no guests are invited, you might save money on decorating. This decision will be entirely up to you.
  • How big of a room can you create? You would most likely want your secret room to be as spacious as possible. But once you get all the materials needed for the square footage you want to use for the room, will you have enough money for it? If your budget is limited, you can always consider buying space-saving furniture.
  • Will the entrance be indoor or outdoor? Depending on which one you choose, you might need to install additional heating or electrical wiring. Remember that this could be the most significant cost in your budget.

Choose the best place for a secret room

Whether you have an unlimited budget or have set a fixed one, you must make another decision. There is no universal rule for where you can build a secret room in your house. For example, if you choose the basement for this purpose, you will probably have more square footage to work with.

make a secret room

Building it in a closet (if you have one that’s big enough) will be a better place for creating an office or a smaller library.

On the other hand, creating a secret room for storage will be the simplest solution since it doesn’t require a specific layout. There are also ways to make a small space look bigger by creating a secret room. Therefore, you can do it in any part of your house.

Gather the tools

You must gather all the tools to start a DIY project and build a secret room without professional help. In truth, this will only work if you know how to use them. So, for starters, you will need the following tools:

  • Essential tools like a screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, flashlight, pliers, nails, screws, etc.
  • Wood or drywall for construction
  • Electrical installations and light fixtures
  • Additional items like furniture, decoration, etc.

How to handle the lack of storage space in your home?

To make a secret room could mean one of two things – you will create additional space for your belongings or convert storage space into a room with another purpose. For example, you might use an ample closet space for your household inventory.

You will lose valuable storage space if you divide this space in half. Even though your new secret room will have its purpose, you will still have to find the place for all the extra items you own. Therefore, renting storage can be helpful, and it can be one of the simple solutions.

Putting some of your inventory in a storage facility will help you declutter and make more room to finish your project. A secret room can have a different purpose, but it should not complicate the overall storage space in your home.

How much will it cost to make a secret room in your house?

Home Advise says this project can cost anywhere from $800 to $50.000.That might sound like an extensive range for your budget, but remember that options for creating a secret room are limitless.

make a secret room

How much money you decide to spend will depend on many factors. Some of them are the size of the room, the materials you plan to use, the level of luxury you want to bring to it, and the purpose of the room. For example, converting a closet to a secret room will be much cheaper than building a wine cellar in the basement. You can do this by covering a closet without doors and creating a new layout.

Also, a game room for you and your guests will be more expensive than creating a playroom for kids. So, consider all of these factors when you start making a budget for building your secret room.


If you make a secret room, it can be a great idea if you are looking into ways to make changes to your house. All you need to do is choose a good location, set the budget, and let your imagination do the rest!


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