How To Arrange Appliances In A Small Kitchen

The kitchen is often the point of conversation regarding home organization. Because kitchens are usually on the smaller side but require a lot of storage, it can seem complicated to organize it just how you want. Even something that should be relatively straightforward, such as arranging appliances in a small kitchen, can prove a complicated task.

Ways to arrange appliances in a small kitchen

Finding a place for everything without compromising usable floor space or aesthetics may also be stressful. However, if you find a method to the madness, you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Here are some helpful ideas on how to arrange appliances in a small kitchen.

Sort them before you start

Many of us have more kitchen gadgets than we need, and many of them are undoubtedly collecting dust. You need to take stock of your current possessions before reorganizing your kitchen.

If you’re looking for advice on how to best arrange your kitchen equipment, an excellent place to begin is with an inventory. To accomplish this, choose a spacious area in your home or apartment where you can neatly stack your kitchen appliances. You may use a kitchen or folding table to bring your sorting space closer to you.

Once you’ve cleared almost everything off the countertops, gauge how much space you’ve gained. That is important if you want to properly arrange appliances in a small kitchen. Keep in mind that you should try to leave as much counter space as possible so that you have more room to move around as you cook. That implies you should be picky about what appliances should be on the counters 24/7.

Say goodbye to things you never use

That should be easy, but for some reason, it’s the most challenging part. If you have an appliance you never use, even if you have grand plans, it’s time to get rid of it. Devices like rice cookers, juicers, and egg poachers come to mind.

If you put your home machines to good use, do not eliminate them. However, you probably won’t start poaching eggs or juicing your greens soon if you’ve never done it. You should only keep the equipment you use in your kitchen cabinets.

Luckily, in today’s day and age, it’s simple to find a new home for used kitchen equipment by donating, consigning, or selling it online. Donating is a great way to clear out space and get valuable items into the hands of those who can use them. You can look up a local organization in need of support. Or simply sell your old kitchen appliances on eBay or at a yard sale.

If the appliance is no longer operational, it can be recycled. Find out if your neighborhood recycling center will take your old stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator. This way, you can be green and still create more space for your kitchen.

Keep your toaster on a cutting board

It might seem like a strange tip, but it goes a long way when trying to arrange appliances in a small kitchen. If you have a toaster, you should keep it on a cutting board. That is because you should be able to pull your toaster out when you need to use it and tuck it back in when done.

But you can’t toast bread under your cabinetry because of all the steam and heat! That is where the board comes in. It will allow you to move the toaster freely without its rubber feet getting caught.

Also, you can keep the crumbs to a minimum if you always have a cutting board under the toaster. That is super useful when talking about the importance of keeping your kitchen clean and helping to keep germs at bay, as nobody likes breadcrumbs everywhere!

Think vertically

Vertical space is handy in a compact kitchen, especially if you have a lot of appliances. When you install extra shelves on the walls, you free up room on your counters and reduce the amount of stuff on your lower shelves.

Due to their weight, keeping large appliances over your head might be dangerous. Extra shelving for your dishes is helpful since it allows you to keep these larger items in the lower cabinets, which are often at waist level. Meanwhile, compact gadgets like a blender or mixer won’t have trouble finding a home in the upper cabinets.

Add in a hanging microwave

A wall-mounted microwave is one option for those who want to free up counter space. The perfectly installed microwave may free up valuable counter space while complementing your decor.

If you like to cook and host parties, a hanging microwave next to your stove will save you time and effort by allowing you to accomplish more without leaving your work area.

Put the seasonal appliances away

We rely on our slow cookers during the colder months, but when summer rolls around, is it necessary to keep them in sight? To create a place for a reliable juicer or steam cooker when summer arrives, you may want to consider keeping the slow cooker in the garage.

Because of their size and heft, many kitchen appliances are better off being stored in the garage or another out-of-the-way location.

Make use of the corners

Older homes have kitchens with those horrible corner cupboards where you have to reach the back without a clear view of what you’re searching for. Thankfully, several ingenious corner cupboard storage solutions have been invented since then, making this the ideal area to keep easily accessible small kitchen gadgets.

It’s possible to expand the amount of easily accessible storage space in your kitchen by using solutions like carousels in your cabinetry corners. Kitchen gadgets and utensils of all shapes and sizes will find a home in this space-saving solution.

Consider open shelving

For a cramped kitchen, wall cabinets might feel overwhelming. Nevertheless, eliminating them can make storage space more of a premium. Here’s where some open kitchen storage shines.

When done right, it can be a fantastic way to maximize kitchen storage space while adding flair and character. It’s also a great spot to keep and show off your tableware sets. All of this can give your home a cozy vibe.

If you want your shelves to seem nice and well-organized, try clustering similar things together and varying the height and width of the objects inside each cluster.

Get portable cabinets

Unnecessarily cluttered and disorganized spaces, such as a tiny kitchen or utility room, are unproductive. Always begin by learning effective decluttering techniques, so you don’t end up storing unnecessary items. After that, if you’re still struggling with a lack of storage, resist the urge to just stuff things wherever you can find them and instead invest in multipurpose pieces of furniture, such as movable kitchen islands.

Getting portable furniture is one of the best storage tips there are. This furniture allows you to enjoy other countertops or storage space when needed. For example, a butcher’s cart may be brought in for busy periods, such as entertaining, and then moved out when more floor space is necessary.

A well-proportioned rolling cart need not spend any time next to the table and should instead go to the kitchen if you lack storage. Use attractive containers to keep cereals and condiments within easy reach, and put bulk-buy tins and dried items that you don’t frequently use in baskets lower down.

Final words

Putting together your kitchen appliances doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal. A well-thought-out kitchen design can make even the most tedious tasks, like chopping vegetables, a breeze. We hope our article has helped you learn how to arrange appliances in a small kitchen and make your dream space a reality.


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