What Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

Richness and sheen are the synonyms for dark wood floors. They can be really stylish and classy. But if you choose the incorrect furniture and colors to go with them, such floors have the potential to make the room seem claustrophobic and oppressive. You can match practically any furniture hue, including various tones of wood, using dark wood flooring. However, there are a lot of other aspects that you’ll want to keep in mind.

The color of the walls and the mood you want to create in the area are important. A darker room may seem brighter by using lighter and brighter colors, while a cozier atmosphere can be created by using darker hues. Try some of these suggestions if you’ve been pondering what furniture goes with dark wood floors if you want to bring out their most attractive qualities.

Wood on wood – is it good?

If you have dark wood flooring, you can very much match any tone of wood you desire with them, but light wood looks particularly beautiful with them. If you have dark wood floors, choosing lighter wood furniture, such as a coffee table, cabinet, or just the legs on your sofa, can help achieve the ideal balance.

In addition, a wood with a shade somewhere in the middle works well with flooring made of dark wood. A darker sofa has just enough contrast to stand out against the dark ground and wall, thanks to the wooden legs that support it. In a dimly lit room, opting for light and medium shades of wood instead of deeper tones is better.

Can dark woodwork too?

Absolutely! If you choose the appropriate accessories, dark wood furniture may be the most suitable option for your living space. The appearance of cohesion and coordination may be achieved by ensuring that all of the wooden furniture pieces in your home are the same shade as the dark wood flooring. Additionally, the room won’t seem as oppressive if you contrast the dark wood with lighter elements like a sofa, rug, and walls.

You can do no wrong with white

If you have dark wood flooring, white furniture is an excellent option to consider. The black flooring provides a striking contrast to the light furnishings. This contributes to an appearance that is spotless, unspoiled, and up to date. White sofas and chairs will look fantastic regardless of the color of the walls in your room. Also, they can serve as a blank canvas on which you can experiment with various styles and colors by including throw cushions and other accessories into your design.

But what about black?

If you have dark wood floors but want to add a black table, or if you have black flooring but want to add dark wood into the mix, you could be concerned that the combination of the two would be too dark. But, don’t worry – this issue may be readily remedied. You can introduce some contrast into the space by positioning a rug of a lighter hue beneath the table or another piece of dark furniture. And voila – your black furniture will suddenly seem classy instead of depressive.

Vibrant furniture goes with dark wood floors

The dark wood flooring is the ideal background for bright hues such as stunning violet. If you want to create a space that can be used for business and pleasure, use a couch in vibrant colors. It doesn’t have to be too prominent. A simple violet lampshade fabric can bring out the best in dark wood.

On the other side of the spectrum, yellow is another vibrant color that may be used to lighten up a space with dark wood flooring. Your living area will have a ray of sunshine in the form of color, thanks to the yellow couch.

If the couch’s frame and legs are finished to match the dark wood flooring, they’ll be able to blend into the backdrop. This will enable the color to stand out more prominently.

Roses are red, violets are blue…

…and those colors work with dark wood too! When coupled with darker wood flooring, blue makes a beautiful color combination. If your walls are dark, you should use a brighter hue, and if they are light, you should consider a deeper tone to make the balance.

On the other hand, a few light reds will work with dark wood. But, darker red shades make an excellent and sophisticated choice.

If you want a rustic vibe, brown is your top choice

Choose brown furniture to go with your dark wood flooring to get the look of an old rustic cabin. A dark or medium brown sofa can make your home seem cozy and vintage. However, lighter brown furniture would also work well with this color scheme.

You might also choose a deeper brown, such as chocolate. But, be careful. Darker furniture could blend in with darker flooring or produce more gloom in the room than you would want. 

Something modern? Grey is a way to go

Gray might be the best color for your furniture if you seek a neutral alternative. The living area will appear quite contemporary and minimalist if it contains a gray sofa that goes well with the dark wood flooring. If you want the room to seem more open and airy, pick white or lighter hues for the other pieces of furniture in the room if you have dark flooring and a dark-colored sofa.

Have some fun and mix it up

When decorating a room with dark wood flooring, you do not have to limit yourself to using just one color of the furniture. The teal, black, and silver tones found in the furnishings of the lively and contemporary living room could be brought together with dark wood floors by some vibrant drapes.

You can mix dark wood floors in your children’s room too. Just add some cute wallpaper with the simplest design. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Even the weirdest combination might turn out to be a smashing success. 

When in doubt about what furniture goes with dark wood floors – consult professionals

Designing with dark wood floors can be exciting but sometimes intimidating. Especially if you just moved to your new home and have to do everything from scratch. If you want to make sure to do it right, it’s not a bad idea to ask for help.

Lucky for you, if you are researching where to buy furniture in NYC, you can visit many excellent specialized shops and choose the right furniture. Some of them are:

  • Blu Dot – stylish and budget-friendly
  • Furnish Green – vintage jewel
  • Johnatan Adler – a synonym for unusual

Don’t forget about the maintenance of your dark wood floors

Good maintenance is the best ‘jewelry’ for your dark wood floors. Even if you pick out the perfect furniture to complement them, it will be all in vain if you don’t keep your dark wood nice and clean. Take extra precautions with this type of wood if you live with small children because they have the most imagination required to damage this delicate flooring.

Also, especially around children, make sure to keep your carpet clean and fresh, so it can best complement your floors. And if you ever think about moving and transporting your carpets, you will have one less thing to worry about as they will already be clean.

Bottom line

Dark wood certainly is a bold choice for flooring. But, when you correctly pair it, and that furniture goes with dark wood floors – it can make exceptional and incredible interior design. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and use these guidelines. Make your perfect flooring and enjoy a rich and cozy atmosphere.


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