How To Organize Your Home After A Move?

Moving to another home is an exciting and, at the same time, stressful experience. It requires a well-drafted relocation plan and timeline, executed in a way to be budget-friendly and time-efficient. This will help you organize your home after a move. However, putting the last box of things on your new house’s floor doesn’t end it. Now comes the better part when you can relax and organize your new home.

Ways to organize your home after a move

Whether it comes to small home improvements or planning out the furniture arrangement, you can create a perfectly optimized and enjoyable living space with few guidelines! Therefore, we have prepared a few tips on how to organize your home after a move.

Jump-starting your house back to life

If your new home was vacant for a while, most likely, the essential utilities aren’t in function. That means water, electricity, internet, cable, etc. It would be ideal if these things are taken care of before the move, but when you’re relocating long-distance, sometimes this is not an option.

Making sure your new property has everything in order is crucial. But if you were unable to do it earlier, as soon as you get there, enabling the utilities is the first step. You may call in an electrician to help with the electrical issues. Similarly, a plumber may be needed to fix issues like blocked drains.

Inspect for any overlooked damage

After you’ve done the essential unpacking and had some time to rest, check out the basement, garage, yard, and house exterior. You never know if there is some overlooked damage caused by external factors like animals or harsh weather. If there is anything that needs fixing, do it right away.

Even the most minor issues like rodent or bug infestation on any part of your property can become a big problem in the future if not addressed on time.

Clean everything 

Needless to say, leaving your old place clean is important, and not only to show your parents raised you well. Most real estate agencies will perform an inspection after you vacate and, if necessary, hire cleaning services. Still, you can never be too careful when it comes to hygiene. Just to be safe, clean every room in your home before unpacking. Wiping and disinfecting will make sure you start your life in a spotless and healthy environment.

Design and optimize the space

One of the best things about moving to a new place is that you get to start all over again while playing with interior design styles! How great is that? Exploring your options and the best use of light and space is something you should do before unpacking. Forget about your previous furniture setting. What kind of feng-shui arrangement would make the best of your new place? Do the rooms need repainting? Will there be enough storage space in your kitchen?

Take a moment and ask yourself these important questions. It might be the most challenging part when you’re trying to organize your home after a move. Still, making decisions about the furniture layouts will define the functionality and design of your rooms.

Can your old things find room in your new home?

The thought of relocation can make us nostalgic and sad. In such cases, we have a hard time letting go of material things that evoke memories, like old furniture or decor. It is always a good idea to sell your furniture before you move. We often want to take as much as possible with us, forgetting to consider the spatial potential of a new place.

Thus, decluttering is crucial. If you haven’t done it before packing, throw away everything you don’t need that doesn’t fit your idea of ideal interior design. Redundant things only create clutter, and you don’t need the mess in your home or your life! Still, if there is some valuable stuff you want to keep, renting long-term storage would be a viable option.

Start unpacking one room at a time

You may be moving from a larger space, ie, a multi-room house to an apartment or vice versa. Unlike packing, where you have to utilize the container space, unpacking is way easier. Well, it is if you organized and labeled your boxes. Naturally, you will need to prioritize rooms to unpack, and most likely, they will come in this order: bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

Now, even though the bedroom was mentioned first, it doesn’t require special attention right away. Just unpack the sheets and bags with essential things for your first night in your new home. Unpacking a whole house in one day is an impossible mission. Therefore, setting up the most commonly used rooms first is a good step in assembling your living space.

Take bulky things out of the way

Getting the large items out of the way first can help a lot when beginning to organize your home after a move. You don’t need to unpack everything right away; just take the bigger items and boxes to rooms where they belong. Having dressers, beds, tables, cabinets, and other furniture chaotically blocking the space will only create confusion and unnecessary distraction.

For yourself and your partner, set up the bedroom nicely. If your room has two windows, our guide on how to set up a bedroom with two windows will definitely help you out.

After furnishing the place, you can begin unpacking the boxes with ornaments and other smaller details.

Unpacking the kitchen will take the most time

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s a place where the family comes together, which evokes memories and creates happy moments. As one of the most important places in the house, organizing a kitchen should be done smartly. You will want to adapt to it as soon as possible, so finding ways to familiarize yourself with it while making the best use of space is an excellent place to start.

If your old kitchen was perfectly optimized for your needs, go with your verified layout. Follow the familiar pattern when assembling it, and all will be well. Still, if you think your previous setting could have been better, there are always ways to make it more functional.

Also, putting everything in its place can take a while. And let’s not forget that the kitchen contains a lot of items, and all of them need to be handled with care and washed before being placed in the cabinets. It might be a good idea to ask someone for help with your kitchen decor. Having a helping hand will not only make the unpacking process easier but more fun as well.

Decor comes last

The number of packing boxes will decrease, and the last ones should have the “decor” label. Only after you’ve made your home functional can you dedicate some time to making it more aesthetically appealing. And even though decorating a house comes last in the unpacking process, that doesn’t mean it’s less important than furnishing.

If now, your kids have a room of their own, set up their bedroom nicely. You can always cover the walls with cute wallpapers or go ahead with more creative ways to cover damaged walls.

By accessorizing your home, you get to make the perfect nest and give it the desired cozy vibe. While doing it, pay special attention to small details and meaningful compositions. Nevertheless, there should always be space for flowers and scented candles.

Don’t neglect the curb appeal

When relocating to a new home, we often forget the importance of our home’s curb appeal. The outside of a home can tell a lot about the owner, and more importantly, you can tell if it is just a structure or someone’s home. It is sad when a home does not show its full potential. Dedicating some time to entrances, porches, and yards could be a game-changer. Still, this step can wait till you settle since it will require some time and money investment.

Many things could be done as DIY budget-friendly projects, especially when it comes to planting trees and flowers. But, if you plan a more serious dedication to the exterior design of your new place, consulting an expert might be a good idea.

Organize your home after a move with family help

The purpose of every house is to provide a comfortable nest for its homeowners. You’ve picked it for a reason, and emphasizing its best features should be your priority. However, our home function will depend on our own and our family’s needs. If you want to properly organize your home after a move, you need to include every household member in the process.

Final words

You might be the chief, but your tribe needs to be satisfied as well. It’s known that families adapt faster if everyone is included in turning the place into a cozy living environment. Hence, making a plan and arrangements for unpacking and “feathering the nest” together is the best way to start your new life chapter.


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