Top 5 Mirror Designs for 2021

You wouldn’t think there is a world around mirror design, but one would assume wrong. It is a thriving industry, and whole careers revolve around figuring out the next design trend.

Below are some of the top mirror design trends one should look out for.

1. Wood Frame

wooden frame mirror design

It’s about time mirror design embraces what the rest of the industry has for many years – traditional yet sustainable designs. And when you think of a material that fits the description, you think of wood.

Increasingly a lot of decorators and homeowners have gravitated towards timeless pieces for decorating. A lot of thrift shopping led them down the path of antiquing and inevitably into beautiful wood pieces. A house with a decor style heavily influenced by the natural and earthy will undoubtedly want mirror frames that match that aesthetic.

2. Geometric Shapes

The geo style trend is making its way across art houses, luxury manors, and down to regular suburbanites. Shapes and patterns have been a recurring design trend across the hundreds of years that humans maintained a sense of style. They are simple, unique, and easy to create. Geometric patterns are also not limited to the choice of material. They look great in either clay, wood, or steel.

Within window design, this translated to cuts that emphasize the shape as well as its function. There are big circular, triangular, or hexagonal mirrors, or it could be a peloton of squares and rectangles arranged in a rigid frame. These mirrors serve to add more to the decor of the room rather than a particular function as is with bathroom and bedroom mirrors.

3. Fun and Quirky

Besides being a perfect place to conceal┬áspy equipment, mirrors serve a multitude of functions. With mirrors invented first and foremost to serve a function, it has been around for as long as humans could make the materials needed to make them. Polished pieces of metal were the first personal possessions that ancient humans possessed. It can be used as a signaling device, a tool for cutting, and perhaps something to see one’s face. Mirrors were some of the few things that got special attention in making sure they are as unique and personal as possible, mixing this with humanity’s propensity to be creative.

This idea still holds to this day. Across bedrooms worldwide, if there is a mirror inside, it’s safe to assume it has hints of personality from the room’s occupant. And even safer to believe that the demand for quirky and unique mirror designs have never faltered all these years.

You look through a catalog or website of a home decor shop, and you will see a whole category of mirrors with bold, shocking, and often unconventional designs. Professional and amateur artists are usually behind these creations. These mirrors are a great way to inject a sense of fun into an otherwise rigid room. 

4. Rattan Mirrors

rattan mirror design

When we think of rattan, we think of relaxed, hot days in some tropical destination where time runs at a much slower pace. We think of the sea breeze and surprising showers. We imagine the jungle humidity as well as the friendly smiles from locals.

You won’t be wrong if you think of popular summer destinations worldwide when you think of rattan. The plant from which the name came grows in tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australasia. It is a great building material because it grows faster than trees and easier to harvest than timber.

Besides building materials, rattan is also a popular material in furniture design. Popular culture will have painted rattan furniture as found in beach towns and mountain villages deep in a tropical rainforest. A room with rattan furnishings will immediately make one feel relaxed and closer to nature.

To match its furniture counterpart, mirror designs have also adopted the use of this tropical product. Its use in some mirror designs also makes sense considering that rattan is very easy to manipulate into any design, which many mirrors usually follow.

5. Quartet

If you haven’t heard of this term, you’re not alone. This one hasn’t gained as much of the following as the preview trends.

Quite simply, a quartet is a collection of 4 mirrors similar in design and are meant to be mounted side-by-side on a single wall. Many would liken this design choice to that of another popular home decor – Four Seasons. These are art panels made from any medium depicting the different passage of time through scenes of changing seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. This style has fallen out of favor in the last couple of years for being too traditional.

The modern approach to this is with the quartet. Instead of artwork, mirrors are used with stunning effect to the entire space and send the subliminal message that change is subjective, and only the person experiencing it can perceive it. The idea is that it is important not to lose one’s sense of self despite the change.


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