8 Ideas For Covering Damaged Walls

Accidents happen. Walls get scuffed. Sometimes, the years of living in one place result in damage to the interior. Wall damage, even if it’s only simple cosmetic marks, is bound to happen. You don’t need to have an eyesore of a space when there are so many great options for covering an ugly wall. When doing a full room remodel isn’t in your budget, the next best way to remain cost-effective is to get creative.

Ideas for covering damaged walls

You can find so many fun ideas for covering damaged walls on the internet. Here are some of our favorites:

Art portrait

Ideas For Covering Damaged Walls

A scratch or crayon scribble in the hallway can be a great excuse to begin your art collection. Hanging a piece of art can instantly transform the vibe of a space, elevating it with a unique style. When it comes to art shopping, you want to make sure you browse for pieces that really speak to you. If you’re going to be looking at a piece of art every day, you want it to spark joy.

There is plenty of wall art inspiration on the internet that can give you a peek into what you may like. Once you find a piece you enjoy, whether you go to an iconic gallery or happen upon a hidden gem at a yard sale, finding the perfect custom frame ties the whole thing together. Behind the art, the hidden damage to your wall can remain your little secret.

Functional decor

Was your wall damaged because of a lack of space? Bad situations like a scratch or a small hole in the wall can be the perfect excuse to purchase some much-needed functional decor. There are many ways to declutter a small room.

Ideas For Covering Damaged Walls

A bookcase or floating shelves can cover any unsavory spots on your wall while also serving as storage. You can paint your new small storage area to match your desired aesthetic or leave your new shelves with their natural wood stain to brighten the room. It’s a great modern organization solution for small living spaces.

Bar cart

Ideas For Covering Damaged Walls

If the wall damage you’re looking to cover up is lower than eye level, you could easily turn this into an opportunity for a living room bar cart. This forever trend has gained a lot of popularity recently because it is a great hosting tool for parties or intimate gatherings.

Displaying your finest wine and spirits is a sophisticated decor idea, and it’s a visual reminder of your inventory. There is plenty of affordable vintage and contemporary bar carts online. Some even offer storage space for your specialty glasses. Find the design that works best for your room. Once you have a bar cart, you can add another fun functional decor, like wine bottle holders.

What’s nice is that there are plenty of uses for a bar cart even without alcohol. It can easily be used as a coffee or hot cocoa station, or even just a place to store novelty cups and items. Use it as a display of your finest things.

Lighting sconce

Ideas For Covering Damaged Walls

When your ceiling suffers damage, it can be hard to ignore. Give yourself something else to look at with updated ceiling light fixtures. Revamp the whole space with new lighting fixtures that upgrade the ambiance of your room.

Whether you’re looking to elevate or soften the aesthetic of the room, there’s a light fixture that works with your style. Experiment with all types of styles and be sure to consult professionals to determine what works best with your space. 

Gallery wall

Curate a whole mini gallery to cover up significant wall damage. If you have a lot of framed photos, you could create a family photo wall. Or go a more contemporary route and create a mixed media gallery using art, photos, niche items, and more. This is a great idea for anyone with an eye for design or a room with an intended theme. Let your creative ideas flow as you piece together an eye-catching wall that will perfectly mask any wall marks.

Statement wall

This is your opportunity to create a statement wall. Attract attention and curiosity from all who enter. Your own personal statement wall can be achieved with funky wallpaper, unique tiling, or other accent wall ideas that bring a pop of color to the space. This is a floor-to-ceiling damage coverup solution. When you decide which colors you want on your statement wall, you should consider the color’s energy. Color can affect a person’s mood when they are in that room, so you want to make sure every color is bringing positive energy into the place.


Covering wall damage with a mirror is a great way to give the illusion of a larger room using some personality. There are so many stylish mirror designs to choose from, from geometric shapes to antique wood framing. Mirrors can easily be overlooked as a decorative tool, but it is an up-and-coming trend that is a convenient solution to cover wall damage. Once your perfect mirror is hanging in its rightful place, you’ll see how it opens up the room.

Collection display

Do you own a collection of guitars or autographed movie posters? Or maybe you own a selection of stylish hats or antique golf clubs? There are plenty of directions your curated wall display could go. Mounting a pair or series of the same item to your wall uses attention-grabbing symmetry to disguise any wall scuffs.

Create a playful environment by hanging up musical instruments or bringing some color to the room with a monochromatic hat wall. Turn an ugly wall into a thing of beauty by putting your interests on display.

Final words

No matter the severity of your cosmetic wall damage, there are ways to cover it up without breaking the bank. You can use items you already own or choose to purchase stylish and functional furniture to mask all your home’s blemishes. You deserve to love your home for all its quirks and memories, not fixate on eye-sore marks that deter from the beauty. Get inspired on all the best ways to show your house some TLC.


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