How To Sell Your Furniture When Moving

Moving is difficult enough without worrying about how to dispose of used furniture when you move into your new house. So you might save yourself the trouble of transporting it and lower your moving fees by selling your old furniture immediately.

So, how to sell your furniture when moving?

The following are some great ways how to sell your furniture when moving.

Consider the standard

Well-loved furniture may also be effectively off donated. Who desires to purchase a stained couch that is ten years old? If you own an item that’s been passed down through the family or is created of solid wood, you should think about having it completely remodeled or reupholstered. Your gently used furniture’s asking price should reflect its condition.

Consider the location

The quality and type of furniture will also influence which location you should sell at. Common types of furniture, such as a pull-out couch, may sell well on Craig’s List, whereas a special piece of antique may sell better at a resale shop.

Organize a garage sale

A great way to make money is to organize a yard sale, and by it, you will be able to sell your furniture. The simplest option to dispose of your furniture is probably to host a garage or yard sale; there is no need to respond to emails or attempt to schedule appointments to inspect.

The traditional method for quickly moving furniture and other household equipment is to invite shoppers into your yard or home. If you feel at ease enough, you could let guests look around your house even if you can’t move all of the sofas, desks, and cabinets outside. If you can plan a garage sale long before the relocation and during good weather, it is a fantastic choice. Decor and other stuff that doesn`t sell might be donated.

Choose which goods to sell when you wish to hold a yard sale. For this reason, organize your items first into two piles: one for keeping and one for throwing away. The second pile should then be divided into three smaller piles: one for donation, one for sale, and one for disposal. This is an effective technique for getting ready for the relocation as well.

Shops of thrift and consignment

Most consignment shops operate by showcasing your furniture and splitting the profits with you when it sells. It’s practical. If you have furniture you no longer need/want, furniture consignment stores can help you get rid of it quickly and easily so you can carry on with your life. This saves you the trouble of constructing an online classified ad and inviting strangers into your home to look at your furniture for sale.

It enables you to make room. If you’re relocating or trying to clear out your household, taking your undesired home furnishings to a consignment retail shop can help you make more space. It allows you to receive payment for your furniture.

Trying to sell your home furnishings to a consignment store could get you to cash in exchange for your furniture while offering a chance to settle your no-longer-needed furniture.

You are assisting a local business. One way to help small businesses is to sell stuff to local consignment stores. This can be one of the fun experiences in how to sell your furniture when moving.

Online furniture sales

Once your furniture has been cleaned, prepped, and photographed, it is ready to list. New sellers should begin by selling on only one digital site at a time until they become accustomed to the speed and gain knowledge of where the pieces perform well.

After a while, you’ll most likely have a few favorites and will be able to position yourself as a trustworthy salesperson, complete with positive feedback to back up your claims. Simply place a free online advertisement if you possess a huge amount of items you wish to sell. Now that Facebook includes marketplace tools and communities you can join, you may sell equipment (or another item) to people other than your friends.

Facebook makes it simple: you just upload a photo, add a description, and customers may then leave comments or send you a private message. Simply enter “furniture selling marketplace + city” to find these groups.

Instagram is a less popular social media platform for selling furniture, but participants recently updated a merchant feature. There is no reason why it can’t spread to furniture, given that it is already well-liked for fashion and beauty.

On your mobile device or tablet, you may browse social media forums, and online classifieds, as well as local selling apps, made expressly to make direct product sales. It is advantageous if your device can take good pictures.

You may easily make and consider offers while at work and arrange a time and location to exchange things when you are selling your stuff online. All choices let you add pictures and a thorough description, which simplifies the sale closing process.

Once you’ve discovered a website that allows you to sell your old furniture, it’s time to ensure your listings showcase your products with the greatest pictures and descriptions so they will sell more quickly!

The cost of your goods

It’s crucial to be objective while evaluating your products and avoid overcharging. You won’t receive the exact sum that you paid for those specific things. This is more of a chance to supplement your income while simultaneously clearing up clutter in your home.

Selling it at auction will allow you to make more money. Pick the lowest price you’re willing to accept for your possessions in addition to this. You’ll have considerable wiggle room because of this. Finally, put the word “firm” when you don’t want to negotiate on some goods.

People will be aware that the written price is final. In the end, it’s critical to maintain reality when trying to sell furniture rapidly online before a relocation. Avoid undervaluing or overpricing your things to get rid of them. Set your price based on what similar things have been selling for on well-known marketplace platforms.

Display every included item

Selling a couch set, a matching set of drawers, or a dining table set online? Ensure that the appropriate elements are displayed in your images. If you’re only selling the table by itself, don’t mislead customers by showing them the entire dining room table and chair set.

Make sure your images (and post descriptions) represent what is for sale because descriptions of what is being sold might occasionally be neglected, particularly when a potential buyer is merely scanning and browsing for nice photos.

Keep your descriptions brief

Make your furniture sale listings’ descriptions as straightforward as possible. You don’t have to go into great detail about the piece’s use or how much you adored it. Just mention the fundamentals, like:

  • When you purchased the furniture, namely
  • The product’s brand, if it is well-known
  • Where the furniture was located
  • How much deterioration it has
  • If animals were permitted on it

Online customers might feel more motivated to buy from you if you’re straightforward and honest about your offer. Don’t be hesitant to respond to their queries if they do.


There are numerous locations in which you can do something like this. Antique shops, consignment shops, and used home furnishings stores can be found in almost any city or town. You can hold a garage sale or an estate sale. How you sell your furniture when moving has its pros and cons, but it can be fun and free up space for you to think about other things related to moving.  

If the worst happens, you could always just simply throw your home furnishings on the roadside and donate them for free. However, the ideal scenario is that you make some money off of it.


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