3 Spring Investments To Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Everyone loves wasting a gorgeous summer day away in the garden with a barbeque, cocktail in hand, or reading a good book. So, to make sure your garden is ready in time for summer, here are three investments that we would urge you to consider.

Transform your lawn

When we think of gardens in the summer, we tend to think of soft, vibrant green grass. So, to ensure your garden is summer-ready, you might decide to invest in your lawn. There are three main ways you can do so: sowing seeds, investing in new maintenance equipment, and installing artificial grass.


One way to revitalize your lawn is by sowing grass seeds in patchy or discolored areas. This is best done in springtime so that the grass has enough time to sprout before the summer season hits. By then, you are sure to have a summer-ready lawn.

Lawn care

Don’t hesitate to invest in a good-quality mower and weed killer, so that you can effectively maintain your lawn. Weeding and mowing can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have let your lawn overgrow during winter. Give the lawn some TLC during spring, so that you only have to give it a weekly or fortnightly trim during the summer months.

Artificial lawn

An artificial lawn is a fantastic springtime investment that virtually eliminates the need to regularly maintain your lawn. An artificial grass supplier and installer in Gloucestershire, or elsewhere in the UK, can provide you with the best artificial turf to suit your practical and style requirements. Once it has been installed, you will instantly have a summer-ready lawn.

An alfresco living area

An alfresco living area is a great springtime investment to help get your garden ready for summer.


Investing in a patio can be a fantastic way to transform your garden. Whether you opt for large slabs or detailed brick designs, there are many different options available that can serve all your practical and aesthetic needs.  


Raised decking can extend the living space in your home into the outdoors. With Z-fold doors that lead out onto the decking, you can merge the indoor and outdoor with a whole new space to relax and entertain in.


Whether you choose a patio or decking, you will, of course, need to invest in outdoor furniture. You might be tempted to go for something more subtle and traditional, such as a picnic table and benches, or a cafe-style metal dining set, or perhaps you could create a more modern space with a C-shaped sofa around a fire pit.

Once you have all the basics, you can let loose decorating with solar-powered string lights, patio heaters, and more.

Plants galore

Springtime is the perfect time to invest in new plants and shrubbery for your garden. Planting them now gives them plenty of time to root, grow, and flourish before the height of summer.

Experiment with different colors, heights, levels, and textures throughout your garden. For a more low-maintenance option, you might also utilize planters, pots, raised beds, and hanging baskets around your yard and garden.

It’s as easy as that! With these three spring investments, you can help ensure your garden is ready for the most rewarding use in the sunshine as the weather brightens and temperatures rise.


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