Career Options in the Field of Healthcare

Have you chosen Biology as a major but cannot find enough opportunities to be a certified doctor? Well, the doctors cannot perform their works without the company of their surrounding staff. The staff includes nurses, allied health professionals, and other people who are responsible for the running of a hospital on a daily basis. Not only this but the people who test your teeth or bones, give you physical therapies, check your eyesight, all are the ones who chose any other profession other than being a typical doctor. Now, we will guide you through the other fields where you can successfully utilize the basic biological knowledge that will lead you to work less and earn more.

Food and Nutrition:

This is the field that has an ever-growing scope, especially, regarding women who are conscious about getting an ideal diet with the ideal number of calories to avoid an excessive loss or excessive gain of weight. Being a nutritionist, you can guide people to get the healthiest diet. The course teaches you about the needs of the human body regarding diet. Also, it teaches you about the optimum amount of appropriate nutrients, proteins, vitamins, etc. needed to maintain a healthy body. Diet also leaves an effect on physical and mental fitness, so these factors are also kept in concern.

The field of nutrition is further classified into two categories: community nutrition and clinical nutrition. Clinical nutrition refers to the one involving only a single patient and his health; it can further be widened to the patient’s family. However, community nutrition is the one concerned about the dieting plans of a whole community such as children, elder people, youngsters, etc. in an area.


This field revolves around the rehabilitation of physically injured or temporarily disabled patients. After completing 12 years of education, you can choose physiotherapy as a major. Other than this, if you choose to be a physiotherapist after taking your Bachelor’s degree, you can still choose it as a major in Masters. In this education, you will also be required to have practical experiences with real patients to improve your skills. Thus, it is as easy as the name is. Even if you want to help people with their health but do not want to operate or perform surgeries, this is the right field for you. If you want to proceed for further studies, you can go for different specialties in the subcategories of physiotherapy such as neurology, pediatrics, etc.


This field relates to the maintenance of the health of the oral cavity. However, accomplishing this degree is a quite complicated process. At first, you have to complete a bachelor’s degree in dentistry. Afterward, you will be required to pass an exam called DAT (Dental Admissions Test). After the test is passed, you will have to complete another 4 years’ degree for dentistry specialization. However, the fruit for undergoing this complex procedure of four years is the degree of doctorate. Yes, dentists can officially be called doctors! They are officially called dental surgeons and have the license of performing surgeries of the oral cavity as well.


This is a very important field in healthcare. The patients who undergo surgeries and other operations have their lives depending on the anesthesiologists. In this field, the professionals have to take care of the anesthesia dosing of the patients and their medicines before and after surgeries. How do the patients’ lives depend on it? This is because a small mistake committed by the anesthesiologist in the measurement of anesthetics can cause a deadly situation for the patient. If the injected amount of anesthesia exceeds the allowed amount, the patient might never wake up. Sounds rude? But it is true.  So, if you would like to be extra cautious of the patients’ lives, you can definitely choose to be an anesthesiologist.

Whether you like to be a surgeon or not, all kinds of fields for you are listed above. If you want to be a surgeon, you can work hard for being a dentist and perform surgeries of the oral cavity. However, if all that matters to you is to help people heal mentally and physically, you can be a physiotherapist and be your patients’ all-time partner and ideal healer.


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