An upcoming road trip can get anyone giddy with excitement. Of course, who doesn’t want to feel the breeze brush through their face and listen to their favorite tunes, while cruising down the highway?

Moreover, with the current pandemic that puts some travel restrictions, traveling in your car is one way to keep yourself safe from contracting the virus. Also, road trips can be smooth if you know the ways to pack. To avoid experiencing packing pitfalls that may ruin your trip along the way, here are 10 things you must prevent.

1. Not having a plan

As with any other travel, planning is crucial to make for a seamless journey. You can’t just pack your bag and grab whatever you can from your cabinet and go. You have to devise a plan so you’ll know what to bring. First, think of where you’re heading. Next, think of what activities you’re planning to do. For example, if you’re planning to go hiking, then you’ll know what equipment and type of clothes to bring. Overall, create a plan and list down all the things that will come handy in your trip.

2. Nor bringing enough cash

As a part of planning, you and your companions must set a budget for your trip. You must determine how much cash you’ll probably spend throughout the entire travel. The disadvantage of relying on ATMs or banks is that you might not see one for a couple of miles. This is not good when you run out of cash and need to buy food or supplies. That said, set enough budget to cover your expenses, especially for gas.

3. Not packing necessary car parts and equipment

Before you hit the road, it’s recommended that you have a car mechanic check the car first. This is to avoid your car from breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Although you can call a tow truck Fife service, this will delay your travel plans. That said, get your car a check-up and bring the necessary tools, equipment, and parts, just in case something minor happens.

4. Not selecting a playlist ahead of time

The most enjoyable part of road trips is listening to your favorite music undistracted. The long drive is a good stress-reliever, coupled with good music. However, if you don’t have a playlist, you might be constantly looking at your phone to choose your tunes. This can be dangerous when you’re driving. So it’s smarter to set different types of playlists for the entire trip.

5. Not including podcasts

Include some podcasts in your playlists as well. If you’re driving alone, it can sometimes be boring not having to talk to anyone when you’re driving for at least five hours. Listening to music is good, but it’s better to diversify what you listen to. Podcasts are excellent ways to keep yourself entertained and inspired. Choose your favorite podcasts and alternate them with listening to music.

6. Not packing some snacks

This is one of the most obvious packing pitfalls that many travel drivers make. If your destination is 10 hours away, it’s a smart move to bring enough snacks to fill you up throughout the drive. Although stopping by some local eateries or cafes is good, you might not be familiar with when the closest one is. If hunger strikes, this can impact the way you’re driving and maneuvering the road. That said, always pack some snacks to fend off hunger.

7. Not thinking of games when traveling with kids

If you’re traveling with kids, it’s better to devise some games and activities along the way. Kids can quickly get bored with the long drive. Music or podcasts might not entertain them. After all, kids only want fun and games. So when you’re stopping by somewhere, do some activities like a few stretches. Better yet, try some trivia games while you’re still inside the car.

8. Not bringing a power bank

When you’re driving for hours, you might need the help of the GPS to reach your destination. Of course, you know how crucial your internet and mobile phone is when it comes to monitoring the map. So it’s better if you bring a power bank for charging. If you can, bring one with a higher mAh so everyone can use it to charge their mobile phones.

9. Not bringing first-aid kits

No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents can happen. Whether it’s a minor or major accident, you must carry a first-aid kit. This kit should not only contain some things and medications for cuts and bruises, but it should also carry all the medications for other issues.

10. Not packing the right clothes

As mentioned, knowing where you’re going allows you to pack the right clothes. Always list down and double-check if you have everything you need, especially if you’re doing a special activity. Also, be prepared for stormy weather. Never forget to bring a jacket or the right shoes.


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